Who's She?

The Story

How much can we really take? What makes us a survivor? How can we grow from all the misery, and turn it into something positive and helpful instead?

My story is one of ups and downs aplenty, showcasing the effects trauma has on the developing mind, and how it all translates onto the outside. Taking you through my journey, I share the good, the bad, and the downright awful with you. Unfiltered, uncensored, and always authentic.

More information in my autobiography.

The Person

Sianna is writing with a broad field of interests, attempting to connect the dots through various topics in order to create a clearer picture of the grand puzzle that is life. Feminism, literature, philosophy, politics, social and world issues, social commentary and satire, anecdotes, experiences, revolutionary influences, and a pinch of rap music all twirl together frequently.

Piece by piece, I’m hoping to come to understand the world around us from new perspectives – which in turn, I will share with you.

I always perceived the world from an international-idealist viewpoint, bothered by the limits borders impose upon a world that supposedly belongs to a species with high values on individual freedom. While borders and international occurrences may separate us, the internet still allows us to connect. Words still allow us to connect; and for as long as we can, we better make use of that.

Sianna Maria Diĝir

What is life but a pair of dice? My story may seem familiar in many ways, and yet so strange in many others. It certainly feels strange to me, and I've lived it. I firmly believe in turning the crap life unloads onto us into something positive, and so I hope it will help others. I hope it will encourage survivors to keep surviving, and beyond that, thriving.

I do let hardships define me, but only in ways that let me grow from them.

– Sianna Maria Diĝir

   Growth is key.