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My name is Sianna, and I have lots to share with you.

When life gives you lemons… we all know the saying. So, in a way, welcome to my lemonade stand! Piece by piece, I’m hoping to come to understand the world around us from new perspectives – which, in turn, I will share with you.
Life already sent me crashing down some unusual paths, and combined with my curious nature, has taught me plenty of lessons the hard, oftentimes very much painful way. Those lessons and experiences shaped my way of thinking, taught me a lot about the human condition, survival, and thriving against all odds. I’d like others to benefit from that without having to experience the pain themselves. I want people to understand the struggles their loved ones might face, to allow for better understanding between all people, and with it, better support.
Many of my experiences are relatable to just about anyone, some to many groups of people, and many of them absolutely aren’t relatable to anyone. I’m writing to provide support for both, the people with common problems and the ones with problems that nobody seems to understand. I personally believe that humanity would be in a much better place if we put more effort into understanding each other and growing as much as we can, especially from hardships. I want to do my part to help us achieve this, and hopefully help some people persevere their own lemons, and turn them into lemonade.

What to expect:

I’m not here to claim I could cure all your ailments, nor turn your life around. Nobody can do that for you but you, but this isn’t the point. I don’t sell cures, nor am I any kind of self-help guru. I’m here to share my story, and with it, my experiences with you.
Beyond that, I will talk about my personal opinions, social commentary and observations on current and past matters, and literally anything I feel like talking about.
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